With saddened hearts we have to part with most of our collection.  If there is anything you might be looking for, E-mail us and we can put you on our list. At this point we cannot find any items easily and will be opening up boxes as we can get to them, I will E-mail you to see if you are still interested.  

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In 1989, MAGIC CRYSTAL VALLEY, (the name) came from imagination; fantasy and the love for our collection of Cabbage Patch Kids (see ABOUT US). "MAGIC CRYSTAL” comes from the Magic Crystals that Bunnybees sprinkle on the cabbages to make Cabbage Patch Kids grow. "VALLEY” comes from where the Cabbage Patch Kids live.


MAGIC CRYSTAL VALLEY, (the store) first opened in 1991 as a place to adopt secondary market Cabbage Patch Kids and buy C.P.K. memorabilia. At this time we started using the name for our collection and store.


In 1994, (the store) became the only licensed Official Cabbage Patch Kids Adoption Center in Maryland. On April 1, 1995 we hosted the largest adoption event ever held by an Adoption Center. By the end of the millennium we were one of the last Adoption Centers still operating when they all were discontinued by O.A.A., the licensee of the Cabbage Patch Kids.


On February 14, 1999 we opened MAGIC CRYSTAL VALLEY, (the museum) in Leonardtown, Maryland. MAGIC CRYSTAL VALLEY now is a 6,000 square foot log cabin that houses our collection of over 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids and hundreds of C.P.K. memorabilia items. Although the Kids and memorabilia are always on display the areas change as we acquire more Kids and memorabilia.


A visit here will give a Cabbage Patch Kids collector an exciting and memorable time.

As you venture though the aisles of Kids you will see them displayed in order by year with the Original Kids along side of the Mass Market Kids from 1979, to present.  There are displays of specialty Kids in their own settings such as Collectors Club Kids, Convention and Spring Event Kids, Special Event Kids, Clowns, Astronauts and Baseball Kids just to name a few.


On October 25, 2008 Xavier Roberts, the creator of the Cabbage Patch Kids made a special visit here to see our collection. While he was here with the help of his staff from O.A.A., we hosted a signing party event for C.P.K. collectors. O.A.A. had delivered 50 special Kids marked just for Magic Crystal Valley!


Private tours are available throughout the year by appointment only and the Kids love to have their pictures taken. The tour is available to all Cabbage Patch Kids collectors free of charge. Once a year we host an event for C.P.K. collectors called SUMMER ADVENTURE, which is held the first weekend in August (see SUMMER ADVENTURE). Our events have brought together collectors from all across the U.S. and as far away as Belgium. We do have Kids for readoption and memorabilia for sale (see KIDS for ADOPTION and MEMORIBILIA).


MAGIC CRYSTAL VALLEY is located in the sprawling farmlands of Southern Maryland’s Western shore. We are 2 hours south of Baltimore, Maryland, 2 hours north of Richmond, Virginia and 1 ½ hours east of Washington, DC. Local area sites include PAX Navel Airbase Museum, Historic St. Mary’s City, Point Lookout state Park and MIR raceway. There are many hotels and restaurants within minutes of our location.

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